Creativity and motherhood has played on my mind a lot lately, so this won’t be the last time that you hear from me on this.  Today I’ve had one of those days of insight into my identity as a creative and how important it is to connect with other creatives.

A morning spent with someone who I would count myself lucky to call a friend has reassured and lightened me beyond measure.  Joanna Crichton’s photography first hit my radar on Facebook.  For weeks I delighted in her work.





Photography by Joanna Crichton


She focuses on portraiture with an incredibly authentic vibe.  Her photography was unlike anything else I had been seeing done.  I had to have her photograph our new family.  Photographs from that first session have featured often on my blog.

Joanna came this morning to support me in a project that I have been incredibly excited about.  She assured me that what I am doing and what I am creating is good enough.  It is inspiring and wholly my own, and in that it is worth doing and speaks to others.  We swapped stories of motherhood, tips of the trade, and most importantly praise of each other’s work.

Fittingly during International Women’s Week, Joanna’s support has demonstrated how important it is for women to build one another up.  Too often women keep their inspired efforts to the quiet and safe shadows.  Too often women tell themselves that what they have to offer the world is not enough.

While I’m thinking of all of the creative and crafty efforts that women make, I’m also thinking of motherhood in general.  More than any other revelation that came at Finn’s birth was my surprise at the self-doubt that plagued me.  Women pour from the depths of themselves into crafting their greatest achievement, their children.  So, of course with motherhood comes a vulnerability toward our children.  As mothers we compare in order to reassure ourselves.

Women need to build each other up and remind one another of their worth.  Fittingly during International Women’s Week, I should come to realize the value in this.  It’s important for women to both extend and be open to receiving support of those who have gone before them.


To Joanna and to all of the women who have helped to build me up today and every day I wish to extend my deepest gratitude.  You’ve done so much to lighten this mother’s load.