Welcome to Millennial Mama blog.  My name is Danielle Giles, and I’m the founder of Millennial Mama, a place where I chronicle my journey as a mother and wife, but also the experience of motherhood particular to the millennial cohort.

I’ve long since been drawn to writing – as a child I wrote about three chapters of a book hoping to be the next R.L. Stine – and I’ve been working myself up to begin blogging for some time.  With the birth of my first child, Finn, I found my inspiration and launched this site at the beginning of 2016 with the support of my husband, Joel.

Joel and I met through an online dating site three years ago and from the first date knew I had just had a life-changing moment.  Our life has blurred by in a flurry since then.  We bought our first home on the water – a shared passion – where we live with our chocolate lab, Tess.  We celebrated our marriage at a dream wedding on a heritage steamship in 2014 and welcomed Finn Oliver to our lives in July 2015.

With life moving so quickly, I hope to slow things down — or at least record happenings as it whips by.  Through blogging, I will explore thoughts on parenting today as an educated millennial questioning unquestioned practices and doing what feels natural.  This blog provides me with a creative outlet and a space where I can be Danielle as well as mother.  So, here I intend to share interests within and outside of parenting that speak to me as an individual.  I hope you enjoy journeying along with me and find something you can connect with here.


Advertising, Collaborations & Features

I’m always in search of collaborations with other moms and brands who pair well with Millennial Mama.

Please contact me at hello {@} millennialmamablog {dot} com to discuss details.




Photography by Joanna Crichton

chocolate lab, Millennial Mama

Photography by Joanna Crichton