Millennial Mama celebrates natural, intentional and inspiring accounts of motherhood.  Here you will encounter empowering stories of the trials and triumphs of birth, wistful recollections of sweet newborn days thick with the haze of postpartum hormones, raw and honest admissions of the adjustment to motherhood, and the beautiful recipe of equal parts confidence, insecurity, emotion, anxiety, and sheer, blissful, incomparable love that comprises parenting.

This is a space where closeness and healthy attachments are valued – both day and night – with babes snugly wrapped on mama’s chest or high on dad’s back, where co-sleeping and bedsharing (when safely practiced) are thought to be natural rather than dangerous places.  We share free-spirited, conscious and natural adventures in parenting.

Our vision of motherhood is one that allows women to pursue more than clean diapers and even cleaner houses – though you’ll find a bit of that here too.  Millennial Mama was inspired by a desire to create and so we honour women and her endeavours outside of her role of mother in celebration of all she makes time for amongst her very demanding, often conflicting work.

Sharing the experiences of other mothers here is done in the hopes that all women will know that they are not alone in this hard role we’ve been blessed to find ourselves in.  Grab yourself that warm cup you’ve earned – or perhaps that now cold one you’ve been wistfully hoping to get back to – and take some time to immerse yourself in the stories here.  My wish is that you find here just what your heart was in search of.





* Inspiration from others is an important part of the creative process, but please do not reproduce any words or images from this site without proper acknowledgement of the source and written permission.


Photograph taken by Joanna Crichton Photography.