I’ve been so busy with the day to day lately that I almost missed it – my contribution to Mother.ly has been posted!

Mother.ly is a curated collection of posts on motherhood relating to Life, Love, Work and Child. Articles are contributed by experts and smart mamas and can be bundled to your mailbox in personalized packages depending on your interests and need.


“Motherly is holding on to your core identity and being true to yourself as you evolve with motherhood.”


Millennial Mama readers might recognize the piece on Mother.ly as similar to one I posted earlier in the summer here. This piece has been edited and photography chosen from other blog posts of mine to bring together a post I am proud to share. Blogging can be a lonely pursuit and I’m grateful to the editors at Mother.ly for their feedback.

Check out my contribution to be sure, but also check out this great resource in support of mothers.



Danielle Giles Mother.ly contribution

Danielle Giles Mother.ly contribution