Every woman, whether or not she realizes it, is a creative genius.  Within her lives the capacity to bring forth new life and to regenerate during each moon cycle and each spring.  …  Officially arriving on March 21 … spring exhales the intoxicating fragrance of radical possibility.  Who do you want to be now?  How do you want to live?  What’s ready to come to life inside you?  We can always begin again.

–  Sara Avant Stover in The Way of the Happy Woman  (77)

The spring equinox signalled the start of spring right about the time I fell ill with the flu.  Allowing ourselves the extra time during this holiday weekend to rejuvenate suited me just fine.  This year, we decided to forego the annual Easter celebration with family in order to stay home to enjoy one another’s company.  Joel and I mixed productivity with daily tasks, adventuring with relaxation.

At the end of last week, winter intruded on spring with one more winter storm.  The ice that fell relentlessly on Thursday blanketed the outdoors with a thick layer.  Ice-covered branches swayed in the wind and sounded like nature’s wind chime.  It made for the most magical sound in the otherwise quiet of the woods we wandered through on Good Friday.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Sometimes when Finn falls asleep in the car while we’re out, we take backroads to explore our beautiful area of Ontario and allow him a really lengthy nap.  On one such drive, we went in search of access points to nearby trails.  When the recent ice storm hit, we just had to get out to see the effect.

chocolate lab in woods

baby in carrier

walking trail in woods

On another afternoon, we enjoyed a camp fire in our backyard with some of our neighbourhood friends and their children.

stacked firewood

One of our favourite ways to spend the weekend at home is to enjoy a hearty mid-morning brunch.  Joel is always the creator of these meals as his way of giving me a break.  Since I’m home with Finn, the task of meal-making usually falls on me, so I enjoyed every moment of free time and relaxation this offered me.

Yellow Tulips in Kitchen


Tulips at brunch

Tulips at window

Finn has been working on his sixth tooth this weekend.  Because of this he is restless at night, especially during the early hours of the morning, which doesn’t make for the best sleep for Mom.  Oh well.  While Finn is working on cutting this tooth, he’s also been pretty fond of standing up.  We swapped out the living room table for the automan, which is a little safer for heads should he take a fall.  This is one of Finn’s favourite spots to hang out and chew on toys.

Teething baby, otherware

Teething baby

teething baby, otherware

Finn has also been practicing his standing while he’s in the crib.  Here he also practices his noisemaking.

baby, nursery, crib

baby crib, pehr designs

baby, crib

Going to bed early in the evening when Finn does has its advantages; laying in bed beside my sleeping baby pairs well with the quiet pastime of reading.  This weekend, I finished my read of The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman.  This isn’t the first novel of hers I have read, and as with the others I enjoyed my escape into the world she paints with her words.  Within this story exists a theme of the relationship between parents and their children, which called to mind what sort of relationship I hope to cultivate with Finn as he grows.

To give a little update on the Little Free Library we installed in January, we have some patrons who have already begun to make use of it.  Some of my friends have donated to its reserves, and neighbours have begun to exchange and borrow from it.  LFL stewards from Paris, Ontario made a stop to exchange some books a few weeks back, which inspired us to do the same one day soon.  So far, we’ve had only good experiences as stewards of our own library and it feels so good to foster this little slice of community.

Easter Sunday has been appropriately full of sunshine and balmy temperatures.  After Church this morning, we basked in the sunshine and birdsong until the sun began its descent and our tummies suggested it was time for dinner.  Joel enjoyed getting some of his yard work chores out of the way while Finn and I kept him company outdoors.

While we were outside, the birdsong and my accompanying swaying lulled Finn to sleep on my back in the Ergo carrier.  This gave me time in which to write and read the spring section of Sara Avant Stover’s The Way of the Happy Woman.  If you haven’t done so yet, grab yourself a copy of this book.  I’d also recommend picking up a copy of Wildling, which is a magazine for free-spirited families based in the U.K.  Volume 4 contains a piece in which I review a few books for mamas in the midst of her own creative awakening, including Stover’s book.

Sara Avant Stover The Way of the Happy Woman

book stack motherhood

After the latency and visioning of winter’s respite, we emerge in the springtime with renewed energy.  Fertile and full, like a newly blossomed lilac bush, our lives can have color, flair, and beauty.  It’s up to us to harness that energy.

–  Sara Avant Stover in The Way of the Happy Woman  (77)

How did you spend Easter weekend, friends?