We woke this morning to a new year – and a phone call. We had snoozed too late after an early morning of frequent waking and feeding and were late for breakfast at my sister’s. Oops! Finn was still sound asleep and I – a firm believer in never waking a babe – had to breathe a wistful goodbye to the gift of more sleep and began running around the house gathering up baby things to pack for a day at the Taverner Farm with my sister’s family.

Our hurried morning was soon forgotten on the thirty-minute drive to my sister’s with the beauty of the falling snow on a country road. Cupping the mug of tea I grabbed on the way out the door, I let some anticipation displace the anxiety of our later start to the morning. Snow-covered trees and drifting flakes were welcome after a green Christmas.

Never much for a rowdy New Year’s Eve, Joel and I have always been sure to begin a New Year outdoors, enjoying winter. This year was no different as we filled the first day of 2016 with snowmobiles and GTs, Christmas pageant dances and dinner with my brother-in-law’s parents and soon-to-be 91 year old Grandma. All the while the snow fell all around us. With no where else to be, I chanted “we’re snowed in” until it became infectious and we were all convinced that Joel, Finn, Tess (our dog) and I should stay the night rather than brave the snow-covered roads.

Now that we are indeed ‘snowed in,’ with large flakes continuously falling outside the windows, I’m curled up in bed beside a sleeping Finn. Our day was filled with wintery fun, and was exactly the cozy outdoor adventure we had hoped it to be. I’m reminded of the conversation Joel and I had on the way here about what our New Year’s resolutions would be. My list was sort of long, but what stood out was my desire to actively cherish my husband, who selfishly gives of himself to ensure my happiness. We also decided together to try to be more present in our life, where we can cite so many blessings.

Day one of 2016 is a wrap and so far I’d say we nailed it.