At some point during those first few weeks with Finn I discovered the indispensability of my phone in whiling away the those long, dark hours of the night spent nursing.  It wasn’t long, however, before I had exhausted the newsfeeds of all my social media accounts.  When I wasn’t preoccupied with endless Google searches of whether or not to introduce a soother or remedies for plugged ducts, I found myself in search of more beyond the posts of my friends and family.  Here, during those late nights, I discovered a world of other mothers on platforms like Instagram just trying to do their best at motherhood and sharing their efforts along the way.

Instagram is my favourite platform because you can choose who winds up in your feed and follow accounts that post pictures of interest to you.  For example, my sister who is an avid knitter, wool rug-braider, fermenter, and general homesteader who tends her children as well as the chickens, ducks and cows she and her husband care for during the warmer months follows an array of similar-minded hobbyists.  For me, I’m more drawn to other mothers who are walking this season of life alongside me.  And let me tell you, there’s an army of mamas out there.  If you are wanting to reach the mamas, this is the place.

On Instagram, posts are mainly all about the photograph on this platform, but there is also space in the caption for added value.  There you can write about the moment captured in the photograph, something else entirely, a quote, excerpts from a short story, novel and blog, or simply an emoji or hashtag that combined with the photo just says it all.  It’s rich with content, but better yet, this community is one that has no patience for negativity in the comments (unlike Facebook), making it a safe, friendly and supportive space in which to while away your time and perhaps sit comfortably in vulnerability.

As I began exploring this social media platform, I came to discover some incredible mamas doing amazing things and documenting their daily hustle in some admirable ways.  Moms who on top of parenting multiple children, run businesses, balance full-time work, blog some incredible things, make time for creative pursuits, or who mother their beautiful babies and invite us along for the ride.  Here I found some beautiful handmade or carefully curated small shops and brands that I’ve begun to support over your run of the mill big box companies.

While this is just a small snippet of the goodness you might find on Instagram, I feel the pull to share with you this incredible community.  With Finn’s first birthday now past, it’s now been over a year since I first began following along with some of the accounts I mention below, and I can’t help but feel they’ve been walking alongside me, though they call far-away places home.


Here’s a list of some of my favourite Instagram accounts:










This short list is by no means exhaustive, as I find myself falling in love with new feeds and the person behind them regularly. There are really SO many!  Mothers are lucky, in this way, to connect with such a vibrant, supportive virtual community.

Accused of being a source of guilt, or fostering in vulnerable mamas feelings of “not enough” as reality misses the mark in measuring up to other’s “highlight reels,” Instagram can also be something positive for moms.

As we choose our friends in real life, we can choose who we follow and connect with here.  Who are some of your “must follow” accounts?


Go find your people mamas.  In real life and in its social counterpart.