For about the past month, I have been struggling in the sleep department.  Finn’s need to nurse constantly through the night left me without much rest.  I was beginning to feel the affects of sleep deprivation on my mood and well-being.  So much so that for a time I wondered whether I was beginning to fall into postpartum depression.  Some suggested it was a case of winter blahs, and normally I might have said the same, but I knew that no amount of vitamin D and sunshine could improve my state of mind.  I badly needed sleep. But more than that, I came to recognize the importance of food on my mood and state of mind.

To combat my need for energy-packed foods often and with ease, I returned to making kefir as introduced to me by my sister.  Once I had a bottle ready made, I would make myself a powerhouse smoothie for those times when I felt the lows creeping in.  And the effect is astounding.  Ensuring I’m fed has helped to make me feel more myself and keep the blues away these past few days.


Here’s how I make it.


Postpartum Powerhouse Smoothie

  • about 500 ml kefir — I made my own using kefir grains and organic milk, but most grocery stores are carrying kefir in plain or flavoured varieties.  Be sure to search out organic.
  • 2-3 cups frozen fruit — my favourite lately has been PC Organics Super Fruit including cherries, blueberries and blackberries.
  • 1/2 cup frozen or fresh spinach or green kale
  • one tablespoon organic chia seeds
  • banana — we have no shortage of over ripe organic bananas around here, which makes for a great natural sweetener in this smoothie.


Add kefir first to an electric blender or food processor.  It’s important to give the blender a lot of liquid to work with as it works through the frozen fruit and greens.  Add all other ingredients frozen then fresh and ending with the banana, which usually blends easily.




While sleep remains elusive for me, I find these smoothies between meals give me the extra boost I need to stay sane.  Meanwhile, Finn has almost mastered crawling and the second of the at least four upper teeth primed to come in have been cut which will give him four chompers to clamp down on my nipple with.  Ouch.  Certainly nights without my little nursling attached will return once again, before another of these teething/milestone cycles behinds again.  In the meantime, I’m happy to offer him the reassurance he needs to cope through the pain at night and I’m grateful for any boost I can get.

What are some remedies for rest you rely upon?  What’s in your favourite smoothie?