With Joel working far too much overtime at work lately, we were overdue for some time spent together as a family. Autumn is making its annual transition, and I know I’m not alone in my love of this season and the cozy rhythms it brings. Getting outside to bask in the beauty of the changing colours is always part of how we enjoy the season.

On my list of things to do this season was to visit the Dorset Fire Tower Lookout that Joel and I had climbed during our first weeks together as a couple.

We chose a weekday evening and Joel even went into work earlier so that we had more time to set off for the adventure north.



Attempt to climb the fire tower lookout: one.


With Joel working so much overtime, and with me still adjusting to a new work-life balance, we’re sort of in shambles these days. I’m told this is normal and that even those who feign perfection struggle sometimes too. Despite this, I still find it difficult to embrace the chaos. So, with good intention, and on a night when we should have been packing for our weekend away visiting family for Thanksgiving, we set off to climb a fire tower.

I’m not sure how we fell behind, but one minute I was just about finished the soup I made for dinner, and another we were dillydallying at the table eating the meal we had planned to eat on the road.

Next, we found ourselves driving down the wrong stretch of highway, racing toward the tower we were set to arrive at just as the sun went down for the night. Never mind that the gates to the tower lookout park closed an hour earlier.

Who are these people who get the route and timing so very wrong? We certainly weren’t these people in our pre-baby days.

Knowing we’d want to get out in nature during the long holiday weekend, we made the most of our evening drive, and planned to return again on the weekend.




Attempt to climb the fire tower lookout: two.


Time Well Spent with JORD Wood Watches Millennial Mama Blog

Time Well Spent with JORD Wood Watches

Time Well Spent with JORD Wood Watches Millennial Mama Blog

Time Well Spent with JORD Wood Watches Millennial Mama Blog



Attempting to visit the lookout tower a second time, we brought a picnic lunch, including sufficient snacks, and the baby carrier (which we forgot on the first attempt).  We left with plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine hitting the coloured leaves.

While we were better prepared the second time, the kilometers-long line-up of cars waiting to enter the road to the lookout park deterred us. So, we turned around in Dorset and headed for Huckleberry Rock Lookout in a neighbouring town. Finally, we were able to enjoy a challenging upward climb and great scenery.

Despite these misadventures, we found value in the time we shared together. Speaking of time well spent, I wore my new JORD watch on our trip to Huckleberry Rock Lookout, and this timepiece is worth the investment.



JORD Wood Watches



JORD Wood Watches Millennial Mama Blog

JORD Wood Watches Millennial Mama Blog

JORD Wood Watches Millennial Mama Blog

JORD Wood Watches Millennial Mama Blog


Founded in 2013, JORD Wood Watches combines designer quality with natural materials to create unique, eye-catching timepieces. Their cool watches perfectly capture the quality expected of a modern lifestyle with an appreciation for sustainable, efficient and experiential living.

JORD watches are about more than just telling time. The minimalistic, emerald face on my FRANKIE series women’s watch is the perfect colour for all seasons, but particularly autumn. The face is framed with gorgeous dark sandalwood sustainably derived from East Africa. This watch is itself a conversation piece, and it adds depth to any outfit.

On top of all that, the packaging is just as impressive, which makes this unique watch the perfect gift (it’s okay if you’re the recipient!). Keeping with the natural theme of this piece, the box in which it comes is made of gorgeous wood and makes a statement itself.

Choosing one from the many designs available is not an easy-made decision. The FRANKIE series selection includes many more than my emerald and dark sandalwood combination. I am also drawn to the Zebrawood & Champagne and Zebrawood and Navy.

Which would you choose?



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Time Well Spent with JORD Wood Watches

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. All opinions are my own. Thank you, dear reader, for supporting the brands that help make Millennial Mama blog possible.

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